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Mellow Concrete

Disequilibrium in Equilibrium

Disequilibrium in Equilibrium

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Unique Piece

Dimensions: L 45 x D 22 x H 31cm

No maintenance required.

It's not a vase, it's not a simple ornament and maybe it's not even a sculpture but the sensation of harmony and balance transmitted is strong, despite the obvious contrast of materials.

Sea driftwood, steel, stabilized moss (Moss) and geometric shapes in concrete act as respective counterweights in a game of balance between natural and artificial where only the force of gravity wins.
Preserved Finnish moss is harvested according to a decades-old tradition; this process takes place in complete harmony with the local ecosystem: only the lichens that grow near the roots of the trees are collected and the use of a given collection area is only permitted at intervals that can range from 5 to 10 years; only in this way can the protection of this wonderful ecosystem be guaranteed. The moss is collected in wooden boxes, as per tradition, exclusively by hand, ready to be subjected to the stabilization process.
Through the stabilization process, the natural sap present inside the lichen, moss and plants is replaced through an immersion phase with a solution based on vegetable glycerin, water and food colouring. Thanks to this conservation technique, the stabilized products retain their natural characteristics, such as softness, flexibility and plasticity without the need for any type of maintenance.
Let's talk about the properties of moss and the small precautions necessary to preserve the characteristics of the moss. Being a very high quality moss, it maintains its softness for at least 10 years, if a few small precautions are taken: first of all, it must be specified that it is a product suitable only for indoor environments; the moss should not be exposed directly to sunlight, nor in contact with heating systems. It should not be watered, wetted or cleaned with water: moss lives thanks to the humidity in the air. Once these precautions have been taken, the moss does not require any maintenance. Moss also has certifications as a sound-absorbing and fire-retardant product.

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